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Typical Subsidiary Components of Sand Making Machine

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  • Typical Subsidiary Components of Sand Making Machine

    The Sand Making Machine belongs towards the class of constructing materials machines. Metallurgy chemical kiln is especially employed in magnetic roasting approach of lean ore and oxidizing roasting system of chrome, nickel, iron for metallurgical sector; in addition it utilised for roasting large aluminium vanadium soil ore, aluminum hydroxide with the refractory plant and baking chrome ore and chromium ore for chemical plant, and many others. Lime kiln, that's, active lime kiln, is used for roasting energetic lime and light-weight burned dolomite for metal plant and ferroalloy plant.

    Common Subsidiary Elements of Sand Making Machine

    A. Sand Making Machine support frame. 1. Sand Making Machine assist body may make Sand Making Machine tools far more strong to ensure that operate and develop stably; 2. Incorrect operation could make the Sand Making Machine products deformed; help frame is employed to repair the Sand Making Machine equipment and stop the Sand Making Machine devices from deformation; 3. Sand Making Machine assist body can aid the lifting of Sand Making Machine gear and make transportation handy.

    B. Preheat tower. Preheat tower is usually known as preheater; It can reach the heating approach of raw supplies, can effectively lower ability intake and make improvements to the concluded top quality quality.

    C. Cooler. In contrast to preheater, the cooler could speedily neat the concluded product.

    D. Conveyor. Conveyor belt is material conveying machine for Sand Making Machine; there are numerous varieties of injury during the method these types of as edge delamination, canker, defect and cracking; and so the day by day repairs is critical.