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Rules for the use of misoprostol

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  • Rules for the use of misoprostol

    In countries where abortion is prohibited, misoprostol alone can be used to perform an abortion. Misoprostol misuse can be dangerous to your health.

    In order to interrupt pregnancy you will need:

    put 4 tablets of misoprostol 200 micrograms (800 micrograms in total) under the tongue. Swallow tablets can not (at least 30 minutes after you put the pill under the tongue).
    After 3 hours you need to take 4 more pills (just under the tongue).
    After another 3 hours repeat the procedure. Do not swallow!
    If you use Arthrotec, you will also need to put 4 tablets of the drug under your tongue until the top of the pill is dissolved (about 30 minutes). The inner / hard part of the tablet should be spit out. The inside of the pill is dichlorofenac (an analgesic) and it is better not to swallow it.

    After the first dose of misoprostol, contractions and bleeding should begin. Bleeding in most cases begins 4 hours after taking the drug, in some cases - later. Bleeding is often the first sign of abortion. If the interruption continues, bleeding and fights intensify. Bleeding usually happens much more than in menstruation, blood clots are also possible. Pay attention, the higher the gestation period, the more abundant bleeding and painful contractions. When the abortion is completed, bleeding and contractions will decrease. At the peak of abortion, bleeding and pain will be most intensified. If the duration of your pregnancy is at least 9 weeks - you can probably see a fetal egg.
    Rules for the use of misoprostol